Between destinations, luggage and means of travel, the move requires programming. But it can happen that you have an emergency move. Choosing a competent and experienced moving company is yours. Several parameters are to be considered to make a good choice of moving structure. Here are 7 cool ideas that will be very useful for an immediate move. Let’s discover them here!

1- Don’t forget to do the important things

In the event of an urgent move, you need to focus on the most important things. You must reassure yourself that the water installations in electricity and others of the new apartment are perfected. If, for example, you have children of school age, pay attention to their schooling. Moving should not be an argument for continuing their schooling. Thus, you have the duty to inform the school of the city of origin of the change of domicile and notify the school of the new city.

If necessary, where the change of school will not be possible for your children, opt for school residences. The apartments of the school residences offer the comfort you need for your children to allow them to study freely. Moreover, if you have students, the student move is not easy, you must admit. Changing university schools from one city to another is not easy.

The choice to stay in the university school of the old city is sometimes necessary. You therefore have the choice of a student accommodation of circumstance, an apartment within the university residences if you have the means. Or prefer off-campus housing. The choice of the apartment that your children need is up to you. Consider your preferences and means.

2- The tasks to be completed

In order not to forget anything for your immediate move, you must draw up an exhaustive list of the work to be done. Contacting the moving company is one of your priorities. To do this, you need to choose a competent immediate moving company, with professional movers. The ideal to do is a comparative analysis of the quote of the service to request from 2 or 3 urgent moving companies.

Ask the companies the price of moving to a private residence, the cost of transporting the furniture, and delivering the items for a last-minute move. Once this is done, don’t waste time! Choose the moving company, and contact them as soon as possible. Inform her of the expiry of your rent if you are a tenant, and the date of your move to allow a good organization.

3- Focus on your business

After the list is established, you need to sort and prioritize your tasks. Take the things you need in descending order, that is, from the most useful to the least useful. The urgent move is also a good time to get rid of old bulky stuff and make room in your new apartment.

4- The moving suitcase

In your bag or suitcase, you need to put all your important belongings to take with you. In reality, these cases that should not be forgotten under any circumstances are:

  • medicines,
  • toiletring (toothbrush, toothpaste),
  • linen, etc.

5- Storage boxes

Your drawers will come in handy throughout the urgent move. They will serve as a hiding place for your laundry so as not to forget them on the day of the move. In a storage box, your items will be moved without risk.

6- Boxes to pack

After the steps described above, you will be able to make your boxes and packages. Adopt the method of making the boxes according to the rooms of the house. All objects from the same room in the same box. The main thing to do will be to put fragile and sensitive belongings in a cardboard different from the cardboard of more resistant objects.

7- The support of your entourage

On the day of your immediate move, do not hesitate to ask for help from those around you (family, friend, neighbor). Their help will benefit you. You will save time and physical energy thanks to their contribution.

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