A move can be a situation of upheaval of your daily life, if you do not know how to do it. This is especially felt if you have to move to a new region and your children therefore have to change schools. It is then essential to find out about the procedure to follow to facilitate their transfer from one establishment to another. In this guide, you will find the answers to all your concerns about how to change private or public school to your child following a move.

Procedure for changing public schools following a move

The move can take place at several times of the year. In general, it is possible to move during the school year or during the summer holidays. Depending on the period, the procedure for changing public schools differs.

During the summer holidays

Changing schools during the summer holidays requires you to notify the administration of your child’s current school. This is mandatory, regardless of your educational level, when you make a residential move to another city. By informing the management, they will provide you with a certificate of cancellation. Afterwards, go to your new town hall with your identity document, proof of your child’s identity, as well as recent proof of residence. In the absence of the last piece, you can provide a certificate on your honor. When your file is admissible, the town hall will issue you a certificate of enrolment in the new school.

Then, go to the new establishment (by appointment of course) to retrieve the registration file. You will also find out more about the other elements to be provided. These are often the following:

  • up-to-date vaccination certificates;
  • quarterly newsletters of past years;
  • specific documents related to extracurricular activities and your child’s canteen.

It should be noted that any child who is over 3 years of age must be enrolled in a new school no more than 8 days after the change of school. This is mandatory, regardless of the case of change of school, so you will have to take the steps as soon as possible.

We remind you that the public institution assigned to your child is linked to the geographical area of your new residence. However, you have the possibility to apply for a derogation in another school, if you wish. In addition, if your child is already in middle school or high school, you no longer need to go to the town hall. However, you must inquire about the number of places available in the chosen establishment. To do this, you can contact the Directorate of Departmental Services of National Education (DASEN).

During the school year

Changing schools during the year is not as simple as during the summer holidays. Each file is in fact examined under the microscope by the rectorate to better understand the reasons for this change. It should be noted that, of course, the move is a valid reason. In addition to this reason, be sure that the new school is willing to welcome your child before taking the certificate of cancellation in its old institution. When you are insured, go to your new town hall and follow the same procedure for changing schools during the summer holidays.

Approach to change private school following a move

The change of private school does not require you to go to the town hall, but you must obtain the certificate of cancellation of the old institution. Once you have it, go to the new school of your choice. Keep the same documents as for a choice of public school, except of course, the certificate of registration of the town hall.

On the other hand, in the case of choosing homeschooling, you must take by the new town hall and inform the DASEN. Similarly, be aware that it is very difficult to find a place in a nursery, when you move to a new city. So, whatever your situation, take the information in advance from the early childhood service or the town hall to know the procedure in case of move.

In summary, changing schools for your child because of a move is a delicate operation not to be taken lightly. To prevent you from having the move itself not a source of stress, we offer you our support. By the way, Montreal Moves is the ideal team, if you are planning to make a student, commercial or residential move from Montreal to any other province in Canada.