How to choose a mover without making a mistake?

Moving is not as simple an activity as it makes it seem. It is not enough to set in motion a few pieces of furniture to say that we are moving. For this operation to take place in good conditions, it is important that you use a qualified moving company . However, the problem that remains is to choose one with the qualities it takes to help you. Here are some tips to choose a mover without making a mistake.

Make sure the moving company is in good standing

A removal company worthy of the name must be registered in the register of road and freight transport. It must also be registered in the Trade and Companies Register or the Trade Register depending on its workforce. The moving company must also declare its activity by justifying its financial and professional capacity. Without this, the mover cannot practice this profession. In order to find a moving company that is regularly registered, you can go to the website of the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

In view of all these conditions, we recommend for your move to Montreal, the moving experts, Montreal Movers. Based in this city, we offer a service that extends from the preparation of the move to the packing of goods through transport to the indicated place. Nearly 500 customers are satisfied with our services, which adapt to all budgets. Our moving company holds a permit from the Commission des transports du Québec and strives to make your move on time.

Trust your intuition when contact is made with the mover

To choose a mover without making a mistake, it is important to make an opinion of the mover yourself. In order to concisely estimate the amount of work to be done as well as the accessibility of your home, the moving company can offer you a home visit. This proves on the one hand that he is serious and on the other hand it will allow you to have a clear idea of the company you plan to work with. With this in mind, Montréal Déménage can offer you a technical visit for a first contact. You will be able to ask us all your questions. Our duty will be to answer you as clearly as possible. If you are reassured, you can then use our various moving services.

Carefully analyze the mover’s quote

When choosing your mover, it is important to ensure that the quote provides a detailed description of the work to be done. Moreover, a regulation exists and governs the content of the quotes that a mover must write. It must include the contact details of the company, those of the customer, the prices HT and TTC as well as the date. In addition to this information:

  • the date on which the move is to take place;
  • the distance it will take to deliver the packages;
  • the address where the packaged goods will be transported;
  • the quantity of items to be moved;
  • the method by which the mover will have to be paid (by cheque or cash);
  • any deposits paid by the customer.

Professional movers must also mention their insurance policies in the quote to ensure the safety of its customers’ business. Our company Montreal Moves has the basic insurance coverage to protect your belongings.

Check if the company is a member of a professional organization or if it is committed to a quality approach

For a residential move, a company that adheres to the Chambre syndicale du déménagement or the organisation of European road hauliers is trustworthy. The same applies if it has Afnor NF Services Déménagements certification or adopts the quality charters of the chambers of trades. These steps are not mandatory, but represent a guarantee of trust and professionalism. Since they are an expense for companies, some prefer to do without them. They therefore represent a considerable asset in choosing the right mover.

Ensure the credibility of the mover on the internet

Thanks to the internet, the customer will be able to reassure himself that the moving company has a good reputation. Many points of view are available and can help you make a more or less relevant choice. It is advisable to conduct research via:

  • The company’s Google My Business listing.
  • the Trustpilot website;
  • the Facebook page of the moving company;
  • the company’s website where you can find useful information such as references or press articles.

During research, negative reviews that keep coming back to the same company should alert you. This would be tantamount to saying that the institution is not qualified for this work. To choose a mover without making a mistake, you must be quite rigorous. Our company Montreal Movers has many years of experience in residential or commercial moving. We put at your service interesting moving techniques for a trip over a short or long distance. So you can trust us for your move to Montreal.