As the start of the academic year approaches, various races remain to be done to enjoy a good life of study. You have to make some purchases and especially move to your new home. This work, however, requires organization and eventually becomes boring. To make your job easier, professionals remain available. They will be able to make the move for you. Here are some useful recommendations for a good organization of rehousing within a university residence.

Provide the bare necessities for the development

You must move into a university home. For this, you need to keep only the things that will be indispensable. You know that school residences are places with little space. As a result, not all your furniture will be able to find its place. It is therefore necessary to anticipate and sort through all your belongings. It is important to visit the place. This ensures the suitability of the available space within your new home. Some equipment may not be able to be taken away during the move. In these conditions, it is best to leave them behind.

You must take with you everything necessary for your student accommodation. To do this, a takeaway list turns out to be a good idea. In this way, you are sure not to forget an important element. It will also avoid unnecessary round trips and above all will save time. To easily make the habitable rooms of the new residence adequate, a marking of the boxes is necessary. In this way, you can quickly distinguish the equipment according to its weight, nature and fragility.

Choose a suitable means of transport

It is necessary to use an adapted means of transport to move your furniture from the house to the university residence. A truck happens to be the correct vehicle for this type of travel. You have the possibility to put all your luggage there. It is also an opportunity to reduce the number of trips. If you use a small car, you have to go back and forth several times to get all your belongings. It will surely come back much more tiring and expensive than a large vehicle for rent.

The price of the move will vary depending on whether you prefer a car rental or employ professional movers. With these experts, you benefit from a more careful, fast and profitable work. You have a vehicle for the transport of furniture. Thinking about booking a car for the trip, the move will be cheaper. However, it seems essential to take into account all the possible options to ensure the best choice for our relocation.

Use the services of a professional like Montréal Déménage

In any case, the most advantageous solution is to call a professional mover. Simply contact Montréal Déménage to benefit from the services of the best student moving company.

Our company offers a simplistic and competitive service throughout the island of Montreal. Whatever the type of relocation to be carried out, trust the expertise of our employees. For a student move, we plan the action for a satisfactory job. From storage to furniture transport to the residence, we take care of everything. You no longer need any effort to take the heavy or fragile boxes. Our professionals will pay attention to all your objects, well packaged and secured.

We guarantee you protection of your belongings thanks to our insurance coverage. We also hold a permit from the Commission des transports du Québec. Our moving trucks remain functional and conducive to moving your furniture to your new apartment.

Generally, rehousing with professionals is quite expensive, which is why some prefer to do most of the tasks themselves. However, with Montréal Déménage, the price of rehousing remains affordable. Save yourself all the tedious work by entrusting all the functions to your professional who also works in Laval.

Apart from this service, we excel very well in terms of:

  • Residential move;
  • Commercial move;
  • Long-distance moving;
  • Cheap moving.

Our company also remains reachable for the delivery of objects throughout the Montreal area. Have a clear conscience by delegating your belongings to us. Whether inside a private residence or off-campus accommodation, we will deliver anything you want. We ensure the delivery of the things you entrust to us to whomever is entitled to it.

Ultimately, for any service, don’t forget to ask for a free quote. Our services are adapted to your portfolio.