Moving from one residence to another or changing the site of your business can be tedious or a source of stress. Apart from the preparations, the transport of the furniture and the redevelopment of the new house, this operation requires the updating of certain administrative papers. Some are an obligation and some are not. We invite you to discover in this article the official documents to update during your move as well as the procedure to follow.

The registration certificate

Formerly called a registration card, the registration certificate is one of the papers to be updated after a move. This change must be effective within one month of the event. The documents required to obtain it include:

  • form CERFA 13750*05 (this is an application document for a registration certificate);
  • proof of residence (this may be the title deed, rent receipt, electricity bill, etc.);
  • a copy of a valid identity document.

Whether it is a business or residence move, it is important that the prefecture services provide a self-adhesive label mentioning the new location. This is essential for the certificate to return the image of the address change. Note that when the registration certificate to be updated is in FNI format, the new one is established in SIV format. It is also possible to change the address three times without renewing the certificate. And this change is done for free.

Voter card and car insurance card

The voter’s card is a document that certifies that you are registered on the electoral lists of the municipality. It must therefore be updated when you move. To do this, contact your new municipality to report your development on its territory. They will take care of shipping the new card to your home during the year following your registration.

Any type of move results in the termination of a number of service contracts. This is the case with the car insurance contract. If you had made the decision to keep the same insurance company, you must notify them of this change of residence. By the way, the coverage of risks is no longer generally the same. So the amount of the premium differs. That’s why it’s best to subscribe to a new insurance contract that takes into account your new reality.

The certificate of participation in the JDC

One of the papers relating to the obligations of national service is the certificate of participation in the Defence and Citizenship Day. In the event that you lose it during your move, you have the possibility to apply for a certificate of situation. It is carried out at the national service centre on which you depend. However, we remind you that this document is no longer necessary for you, if you are already over 25 years old.

Other non-mandatory official papers

The national identity card, driver’s license and passport are other official documents that do not require renewal after a move.

The national identity card

To apply for the renewal of your national identity card, contact the town hall where your home is located. In the absence of this place, go to the police branch in charge of issuing identity cards. Then submit your file with your old identity card, two photos, and a proof of address. Be aware that the presence of the applicant is required given the fingerprinting procedure.

Driver’s license

Although not mandatory, we also advise you to think about changing your driver’s license. This actually allows you to officially save your new location. The documents to be provided to obtain it are the driver’s license, the valid identity document and the proof of address. We would like to point out that this procedure is completely free of charge, and is not necessarily accompanied by the issuance of a new permit.

The passport

To renew your passport, you can apply to your municipality. And if you’re an expat, go to your embassy or consulate. To have this administrative document, you must have your:

  • old passport;
  • birth certificate extract;
  • proof of address;
  • passport photo (02).

Note that the tax stamp is not required for this process, unlike the establishment of a new passport after it expires.

In summary, whatever the type of move to be made, you must be well informed about the parts to be renewed so as not to have unpleasant surprises. After which it is important to find a moving company like Montreal Moves that offers the best services. In fact, we are the most qualified agency in terms of moving with the best prices of moving to Montreal. So don’t hesitate to contact us.