In Montreal and everywhere else, whether it’s a residential or commercial move , stress is always at its peak when you decide to leave. The move is an operation that requires seriousness and extreme rigor. The plurality of moving companies that exist does not really facilitate the choice. It is therefore important to be careful and choose the right structure. In reality, there are several fake companies that are capable of scamming you and screwing up your project. How to succeed in finding the right one? Montréal Déménage is one of the most reliable and competent moving agencies able to help you in Montreal and around.

Check the existence of the structure and its registration in the legal registers

Pay attention to internet ads in the moving process. Most of these publications are false. Thus, when you find proposals on the net, it is fundamental to do a check. You must not only make sure of the actual existence of the structure, but also confirm that it is able to make moves. Without this verification, you can lose your equipment without finding the company.

Thus, look for the Siren number of the agency that offers its services and consult the list of official companies. Sites are available for this purpose. In addition, consulting the merchant registers will allow you to confirm whether the company is able to make moves or not. Although they are tiring, these precautions are important and protect you from legal scams and embarrassments.

Opt for a reliable mover

The large number of companies that exist for a residential move does not really make the task easier. In order to limit the risk of scams, opt for “real” movers who offer quality guarantees. The entity’s membership of an organization, for example, is a good assurance.

Indeed, trade union associations impose rules on the companies that compose them, rules that guarantee good services to customers. The quality is therefore certain at the level of these structures.

However, you still need to pay attention to possible usurpers. For this, it is recommended to make investigations with the organization. This will allow you to confirm if the company claiming to be a member is actually a member.

On the other hand, Montreal Moves is the structure you need in Montreal and about for an efficient move.

Ask for advice

When you come across a moving company, do not hesitate to ask for information around you. This allows you to collect reviews and see if some people have ever faced scams.

In addition, there are trade union associations that offer advice in this regard. These groupings give you reliable advice on potential “fake” companies. They usually use hotlines to get there.

Do word of mouth and don’t jump on cheap deals

Another safe way to find a good moving structure is through word of mouth. This technique allows you to find the ideal mover by asking your loved ones. So, talk to friends or family about your project and collect their proposals. If possible, give preference to your acquaintances who have already had to move. From there, you are sure to come across an agency that has already proven itself. Word of mouth also allows you to get an idea of the budget. Also make sure that the company still really exists if the person who proposed it to you had to make his move a long time ago.

In addition, be careful about the prices offered by companies in the offers. Scammers to achieve their ends usually play on the amounts of benefits. Thus, pay attention to less expensive offers and do not hesitate to research the general budget of a move. You may come across companies that offer you services that are less expensive than the average. Generally speaking, keep in mind that there is a price range to a classic move. Start asking yourself questions as soon as an offer is too far below the margin.

Opt for Montréal Déménage

You are located in Montreal and around. Don’t worry about your move anymore! Montréal Déménage is the best structure for this purpose. We are equipped with equipment and qualified personnel to accompany you. We also have unprecedented experience in this sector and we have a proven track record. Do not hesitate to contact us if you decide to leave your old house for a new one. We have the secret of all types of moving.