Finding a serious mover is necessary for a successful move. Without it, you will only add more stress to your relocation operation. In this case, it will be necessary to ensure that the chosen moving company has the basic qualities essential to perform its job correctly. To help you find qualified professionals, we provide you with some tips opposite.

Don’t trust ghost companies

When looking for a serious mover, you should always be wary of ghost companies. They often see the light of day during the months when the move is in full swing. This is how we see transport establishments during the summer that pretend to be a moving company when they have no real experience. Other companies claim to be specialists in relocation organization when in reality they play the role of intermediary between the client and the mover.

This consequently leads to higher moving costs. In order to avoid this, Montreal Movers which has about 10 years of experience in the field to its credit is a serious mover to contact if you are in Montreal. We also have the necessary guarantees for the transport of the boxes to be relocated.


Choosing a mover who is a member of the Chambre syndicale du déménagement

In order to find a serious mover, we also recommend trusting movers who are members of the Chambre syndicale du déménagement (CSD). By browsing their site, it is possible to find qualified movers in your area and even abroad. The presence of a moving company on the CSD site ensures that the establishment is declared to the Trade and Companies Register.

This also constitutes proof that it is declared in the register of road haulage operators. It should be noted that a relocation company cannot carry out its activity without fulfilling these two conditions. The CSD similarly eliminates from its list all members who have committed two or more offences against their clients. It also ensures that its members comply with the ethical rules of movers.

Choose a company that has the NF standard

The NF standard is a mark that attests to the seriousness of a mover. Indeed, it represents a mark of confidence for consumers, because it guarantees that the services of the moving company comply with the level of performance established by Afnor. As soon as you find movers who have the standard of this French standardization association, think first of all to get a quote. In Montreal, for example, you can choose our moving company that offers a free quote.

It is important to know that a serious mover must display in his agencies, the prices of his services. These rates must mention:

  • labour costs;
  • the cost of misplaced supplies;
  • the amount for the rental of small equipment;
  • the amount of transport per volume band with a fixed mileage term.

If you choose Montréal Déménage to make a residential or commercial move , we offer services at low prices.

Favor a society that adopts a conciliatory position

To be sure to use a mover who works well, it is important that he can satisfy all your needs. Whatever time you want him to arrive to begin the move, he must be present. Calling a relocation professional means guaranteeing support from the packaging of your belongings to their timely delivery. However, you may come across companies that may reject certain customer requests such as:

  • the transport of animals;
  • the transport of dangerous goods such as gas cylinders;
  • the movement of valuables such as gold bars.

For hygiene reasons, the transport of firewood may also be refused.

In any case, it is best to fix your choice on a company that can take into account almost all your needs. As such, you can choose Montréal Déménage. In fact, we are open to all your proposals and are willing to study your needs. For example, although we have basic insurance coverage to protect your belongings, our movers can refrain from dismantling your paintings.

Finally, in addition to taking care of the moving preparation, we make sure to clean your new home for a perfect relocation.

In the end, by following these tips, you will certainly find a serious mover in your area. To avoid long research, simply trust Montreal Movers which is a reference in the sector. Intervening in the Greater Montreal area, our services are aimed at residential, commercial and long-distance moving. By offering key solutions to suit every budget, we guarantee the safety and timely delivery of your goods.