For one reason or another, a business may be forced to move. This change of premises is quite an arduous and delicate task. It is because of this that it must be done according to a plan drawn up in advance. Does your business in Montreal need to move? Here are some tips given by MontréalDéménage to plan the move of your business.

Know the reasons for the move

It is not on a whim that one decides to move an entire company. The fact is that this decision will affect employees, their families and even the company’s customers. So you need to mature your thoughts about your motivations for moving the company.

In this way, you will be able to understand globally the implications of such a change of premises. This will also allow you to convince the company’s employees.

Choosing the right future premises of the company

It is essential to choose the future premises of your company before announcing such a change to the company’s employees and customers. This will allow you to know the price of the move. In addition, you will not have to maintain a blur about the next address.

In this way, your employees will be able to project themselves and already start to adjust their agenda. Some may even consider moving from home in order to be closer to the company’s future premises. If you have any doubts about anything, use the services of a moving company like MontréalDéménage. We will assist you from the beginning to the end of the company move.

Choosing the right date of the move

Several months before moving the company, it is essential to know the date. This allows to have a retro-planning as well as the list of all the activities to be carried out as part of this move company.

The ideal is that this date is a weekend day. In this way, the change of premises will not affect the activities of the company. Sometimes it happens that the transport of furniture and other elements takes more than the time of a weekend.

In this case, the move will be done during part of the week. So that the activities of the structure are not too affected, organize a telework. Also, consider having a margin between the date of the move and the date of return to work in the new premises.

Inform employees of the change of premises

This stage of the moving company must be carried out with tact and professionalism. Expect to provide explanations to each of your collaborators. Do so with courtesy. The information must be communicated to the company’s employees early enough. In this way, they will be able to organize themselves smoothly.

This change of address can disrupt the daily lives of many employees. In reality, this will lengthen the distance that some people have to travel to get to the office every day. This will affect their spending and agendas. Involve team leaders in the moving process. They will be able to answer employees’ questions from time to time.

It should be noted that your customers as well as your company’s partners must also be informed of this impending change.

Inform your landlord of the move

In your lease agreement for your company’s current premises, there are certainly provisions that clarify how the premises are to be vacated. Respect these provisions, which certainly include a notice of departure. Generally, the notice period is 6 months. Of course, there are exceptions. Either way, inform your landlord of your intention to vacate the premises. Do this by registered letter. This is an irreversible act. So, be sure that the move will be effective on the date mentioned in the letter.

Acquire furniture for future premises

Take advantage of the company move to renew your company’s furniture. It is desirable that this stage of your company’s life be experienced as a new beginning. It is not chic to bring the old furniture to the new premises which will certainly be new. Gather the opinion of your employees to know what types of furniture would be suitable for them. When we talk about furniture, we are talking about:

  • size-adjustable desks;
  • special chairs;
  • yoga balls;

In order to optimize the use of the available space, you can call on an interior designer. This will prevent you from choosing bad furniture and decorative objects.

Choosing a good moving company

If the size of your business allows it, you can rent utilities and proceed with the move. Of course, all employees will have to participate. If, however, your establishment has more than twenty employees, the ideal is to use professionals in moving company.

And if your premises are in Montreal or the surrounding area, your first choice mover is
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